Are you off on a short city break, travelling on that once-in-a-lifetime trip or heading on a business trip? Whether you are embarking on a holiday or heading home after a business meeting, you want peace of mind. Travelling is never without risk, but with i4surance, our supremely flexible travel insurance will soften the blow of cancelled flights, misplacing your luggage or cancelled flights.

Be it our single or multi-trip travel insurance; we have everything you need to give you protection whenever and wherever you are. You can choose one of our cover packages, including Bronze, Silver or Gold.

What other types of policy covers are available?

This depends on your plans, but we have additional covers for: Extreme Sports: If you are the adventurous type, we provide you cover while you are holidaying in the UK or New Zealand. Our policy covers a range of extreme sports.

Winter Sports: New Zealand offers a range of winter activities, so if you are planning on travelling there, you might want to look over our policies to check that your preferred sport is covered.

Gambling Cover: If you are travelling to New Zealand to play at a real money casino online, you would want to insure your funds, in case something goes. When you are travelling with large sums of money, you’d want to make sure that you have the best security available to ensure that your money stays with you. Our policy covers you against theft or undeclared sums.

Applying for a Travel Insurance

Provided you have more than two nights booked aborad; we can offer you holiday insurance. Policies are available for singles, couples, groups as well as families, including cover for any pre-existing medical conditions.

We can provide you with cover for any emergency medical experience. Get in touch with us today at